May 3, 2017


Solar Bike

Simple, easy steps to upgrade your e-bike to a solar bike. Charges your bike when it parks under the sun, perfect for a commuter bike.

Because we are using a booster MPPT solar charge controller with adjustable output, we can charge all e-bikes with 24V/36V/48V battery pack system.

Five Elements

Play our Five Elements HTML5 game


Aerod is very simple, a non dancer can learn the basic moves in a few minutes. Nunchuk and Fly Stick pretty much teach themselves. It is single hand and double stick moves that I would use some help with.

We Make Things

We make things, some of them take on life of their own, creates a wondrous feedback loop between the creator, user. Our crafts and ideas can grow wings and spread like the wind. To bring this sense of wonderment and empowerment of everyone, is the mission of the House of Mohist.