April 5, 2017

About Us


Our Approach

Open Source Hardware, We will show you how we build our projects. We encourage you to make copies, modifications, and improvement because we believe that the flow of ideas more important than flow of capital.

Our Story

We make things, some of them take on life of their own, creates a wondrous feedback loop between the creator, user. Our crafts and ideas can grow wings and spread like the wind. To bring this sense of wonderment and empowerment of everyone, is the mission of the House of Mohist.

Meet the Team

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) ahead or should it be back to the beginning. The mohist believe the universe works in a loop. The project will start anew with each cycle as each person learn to build, spread the idea, and more people join in. Today's business plan becomes tomorrow's lesson plan, a next generation of student will become new mentor. You too, dear reader, are part of team.

Bing Profile

Bingxie Zhang

Founder & Head Builder